Bring it to Barb


Dear Barb,

I feel depleted! It feels like everything I do is an effort. I am 50-years-old and a working mother. I have a normal family, normal marriage and a normal schedule. What can help me feel less empty and unexcited about life? I am not depressed, just depleted.




Dear Worn-out,

I think you need to be recharged!

Your cell phone needs recharging all the time and your ear buds need recharging, your computer, vape pen, and your vehicle when it sits too long. When the battery goes down on any of these things, you are dead in the water, right? Until you physically plug in that cord to the wall to recharge that item, you can’t do ANYTHING!

Recharging your battery is one of the four habits a day you must do that are included in my PowerPoint conferences I present to churches and businesses and It’s also included in my book:#4 Recharge your battery every day.

A great program on TV to emphasize the level of recharging is a show called “Wife Swap”. There are parts that bring this very concept to the surface. The show’s premise is to follow another wife’s rules in your home for one week, implementing your own idea of rules the following week. This is out of anyone’s comfort zone in the everyday life routine. This can cause quite the challenge. But the takeaway is it opens up options and opportunities that would never occur without being under duress to follow the rules, only to find it creates a new rekindling of spirit. The husbands are always excited to reunite with their own wives after two weeks, but it is interesting how they sit down at an exit interview and discuss the changes. In the show they usually admit how they have seen a different perspective of raising children, or slothfulness or inattention. Tears and shouting at that exit interview are sometimes the case, but change is painful and hard on our pride too. You only know…what you know.

You need to plug in and recharge your much-depleted battery, which represents YOU. Don’t wait until it is so dead; like a car battery that won’t even recharge any longer.

Here is how: Write a positive email to someone, put a card in the mail, or Facebook someone in a positive way. Pick up the phone and call someone to encourage them (not a “woe is me” connection). Doing for others and social interaction is like the ultimate recharge. Coffee with a friend can make all the difference.

Alsoeliminate words and phrases such as: “I am so tired,” “I just don’t have any energy,” “I’m old…” If you talk about it long enough, it becomes who you are. Never verbalize it – in fact, never think it. It is a self-fulfilled prophecy because you move in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. If you are thinking in a particular direction you will move into that direction. You believe what you say about yourself, even more than what others say about you. You will believe what you say because your brain will follow your words.

It is time to recharge! What makes you laugh, what secret passion have you kept in the back of your mind? Go after it with the highest voltage you can muster up!

The other three important habits in my book are: #1 Start a Journal-focus only on what is right in your life; #2 Smile three times on purpose at someone every day – Make your face smile when first wake up; #3 15 minutes every day DOING SOMETHING FUN.




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