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Dear Barb,

What are the benefits to turmeric? I am looking for spices with a healthy anti-inflammatory agent without taking oral supplements.

Seeking Healthy Herbs


Dear Seeking Healthy Herbs,

The biggest claim to fame for turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory. It doesn’t taste that great by itself (I speak from experience) but add it on any type of meat or soups with other spices, along with salt and pepper, and you don’t even taste it.

Turmeric will also detoxify the liver and thins the bile. Thinning of the bile allows your intestines to “flow more freely.” This rids toxic waste quickly from our bodies and that’s a good thing!

Some recent studies have shown that turmeric can also be used as an effective treatment for some depressive disorders. Other spices with similar healthy elements are cinnamon, garlic, cayenne peppers, black pepper and cloves. Use high quality spices, preferably certified organic, or use fresh turmeric and ginger root.

The best part is that turmeric’s blood sugar balancing act can help with sugar cravings and that’s a big plus – so start spicing it up!

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