Blue Mouse Theater takes part in screening Hawaii volcano films


Two Hawaii-made films are slated to premiere in Tacoma in July, each playing for one-night only with directors in attendance.

On Thursday, July 18 at 7 p.m., independent lava drama “Stoke” will play at the Blue Mouse Theater, presented by the Destiny City Film Festival. Directors Zoe Eisenberg and Phillips Payson will be in attendance for a brief Q&A following the screening.

The feature length drama, shot on Hawaii Island in 2017, follows Jane, a struggling tourist who hires two wannabe guides to take her to an active volcano. The road-trip film was partially shot in front of Kilauea volcano’s famous 2017 “lava hose,” a 40-foot river of lava pouring into the Pacific Ocean.

The film premiered at the Hawaii International Film Festival, won the Best Women in Film award at the Austin Indie Fest, an Award of Merit through the IndieFest Film Awards, and will be featured in the upcoming Women of Wonder’s film festival on Oahu. Stoke is rated R for language and brief nudity.

Tickets are $12. For tickets and information, visit or

On Friday, July 19 at 7 p.m., anthropological documentary Aloha From Lavaland will play at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center. Producer Zoe Eisenberg and Director Phillips Payson will be in attendance for a brief Q&A following the screening.

The award-winning, 55-minute documentary follows the community of Pahoa as they navigate the 2014 lava flow that threatened to cut off their only access road. Shot and produced by several Pahoa community members, Aloha From Lavaland offers a unique insider’s look at life in the midst of a slow motion disaster.

Tickets are $10. For tickets and information, visit or



Each month, the historic Blue Mouse Theater bring you spine-tingling chills on the silver screen at Friday Night Frights. This month, if you dare, see “Eaten Alive”on Friday, July 19, 10-11:55 p.m.

He’s out there, and he’s got murder on his mind! Gruesome beyond belief. Disturbing and grisly beyond comprehension. Undeniably, one of Tobe Hooper’s most disturbing films – and now, you will have the chance to see it on the big screen again. ONE NIGHT ONLY, at the historic Blue Mouse Theatre. You do NOT want to miss this!
Featuring artwork from local artist Russ Richardsand hosted by your horror lovin’ maniac, Anthony Dluzak!



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