Art News Roundup: Hallowed Mass Charade Extravaganza: Halloween II

Courtesy of Luminarium

The Luminarium, an outgrowth of the Wunderkammer Curiosity Shoppe, is holding an event called “Hallowed Mass Charade Extravaganza: Halloween II” on Dec. 16 at 6 p.m. The event is billed as a carnivale style masquerade/early Christmas party complete with music, art, performers, magic, tarot, Shibari and plenty of weirdness.

Current acts: Are They Brothers; The Griffs; Carrion Crows; Blood, Fire and Rainwater; The Fun Police.

The Luminarium is located at 2512 S. C St. in Tacoma. With its expansion, and subsequent move, Wunderkammer Curiosity Shoppe has grown and is extending its tendrils into the Tacoma arts community. Now called The Luminarium: An Odd World Emporium, the establishment will offer a drama-free zone where artists can create and collaborate — an endless cycle of inspiration. Its creators hope to form a haven of culture, creativity and community for local artists, musicians and makers. They also hope to start community-based charitable programs that benefit the people in the community as well as the rockin’ space they call home.

All proceeds from the Hallowed Mass Charade Extravaganza will benefit bringing The Luminarium back to Tacoma.

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