Alec Baldwin to preside at Teddy Haggarty memorial at Temple Theatre


After last week’s issue of Tacoma Weekly went to print, I received confirmation that Alec Baldwin will be on hand at the Nov. 17 Teddy Haggarty memorial at the Temple Theatre (47 St. Helens Ave.). According to Teddy Haggarty’s brother Leonard Haggarty, Baldwin is an avid collector of Teddy Haggarty’s art, said to have more than 50 of the Tacoma artist’s works in his personal collection.

Titled “A Celebration of the Life and Times of Teddy M. Haggarty,” the event is billed as a star-studded remembrance of the Tacoma artist and icon. The evening will feature musical reunions of Strypes and the Baby Knockers and performances by Pig Snout, The Twang Junkies, Kenya Leger’s Gospel Choir, David Richolt, Gary Shelhammer, Ed Perez, Shelly Devlin and more.

There will be a live art performance — of the sort pioneered by Haggarty in conjunction with a group of affiliated Tacoma painters known collectively as “The Dead Artists”— by James Hume, the Peterson Brothers, Dave and Dan Richholt, Bob Hill and others.

A $20 donation goes towards a proposed Teddy Haggarty museum.

The evening will be hosted by Leonard Haggarty and Mike Mitchell.

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  1. Thank you all involved to glorify Teddy Haggarty’s life. I loved Teddy. We were fellow Artist and shared creative views on our expression. God bless you Teddy and please rest in lease my friend.

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