‘Hamilton:’ The show heard around the world

The Broadway hit “Hamilton” has come to our region with showings at Seattle’s Paramont Theater. The hip hop excursion into the American Revolution runs through March 18. Photo courtesy of Hamilton National Touring Co.

The touring production of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s super successful “Hamilton” is hitting Seattle’s Paramount Theatre, with the debut of Joseph Morales and Nik Walker in the key roles of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

They decidedly bring the thunder in their roles as do the other principal actors: Ta’Rea Campbell as Angelica Schuyler, Marcus Choi as George Washington, Elijah Malcomb as John Laurens/Phillip Schuyler, Shoba Narayan as Eliza Hamilton, Fergie L. Philippe as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison, Kyle Scatliffe as Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson, Danielle Sostre as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds and Jon Patrick Walker as King George.

But you could expect nothing less from such an anticipated production of a Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical that has won rave reviews since it first took to the Great White Way in 2015 and has since revolutionized musical theater with its mashing of history, diversification of cast lists, stinging lyrics and tick-tock timed hip hop beats. The show brings a bit of everything for everyone. History. Iconic characters. Quick lyrics. Brassy women. Political intrigue. Snappy music of every genre imaginable. Precision choreography. Modern themes. Various skin tones. Mesmerizing costumes. Dramatic lighting.

The visual aspects of the show are so powerful, outside the stage design – which is minimal, so focus is on the action – that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to listen to the soundtrack a few times just to get the rhythm and gist of the show beforehand, so you can bathe in everything the show has to offer.

For those folks who have been living under a cultural rock for the last three years, “Hamilton” tells the political backstory of the American Revolution and the founding of the nation through the biography of Hamilton, an immigrant orphan from the West Indies who finds himself serving as the righthand man of Washington during and after the war for independence from England. He goes on to craft the state-versus-federal-government relationship while serving as the secretary of the treasury, all the while being “frenemies” with Burr, his political mentor turned rival and future assassin.

Hamilton runs at the Paramount Theatre through March 18. And while tickets for the run of the show are largely sold out, the $10 lottery continues as planned.

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