Goddess art at Manic Mermaid

Detail of one of Elora Blessing’s pour paintings. A display of her work opens at the Lincoln District’s Manic Mermaid gallery Feb. 24. Photo courtesy of Artist

The Manic Mermaid, an art gallery in Tacoma’s Lincoln District located at 769 S. 38th St., will be showing the multi-media artwork of Elora Blessing. Blessing is a graphic designer working in Seattle who calls Tacoma her home. Originally from the Southwest, she really enjoys the climate and culture of the Pacific Northwest. She has won awards for her art from the University of Texas at El Paso, where she earned her bachelors of fine art. When not painting or designing, she enjoys cooking, practicing yoga and spending time with her family.

Most of Blessing’s pieces start with scrap wood, painted with spray paint as a base coat. Multiple layers are created with acrylic by being thinned out with pouring medium and consolidated into one cup. To create cells, some colors include oil. Most paintings are finished with a layer or two of epoxy resin, and the dried excess is sanded off.

“Used as a way to escape hectic life, these paintings act as a source of calm when creating and in viewing,” says Blessing. “The process of pouring fluid acrylic is a meditative one, and though they are abstract, they are methodical. Allowing there to be a shared control by the artist, the paint, and gravity allows for unique pieces every time. The sometimes accidental, sometimes intentional shapes mimic nature and biology. Each piece represents something strong, powerful and beautiful – and therefore each take the name of a goddess. The artist welcomes viewers to take from each piece what they wish to see.”

A reception for Blessing’s show will happen Saturday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. Come and meet the artist. For information, visit www.facebook.com/manicmermaids.

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