Celebrate the life and times of Teddy M. Haggarty

Painting by Teddy Haggarty

On Nov. 17, there will be a star-studded remembrance of Tacoma’s beloved artist and icon Teddy M. Haggarty at the historic Temple Theatre. There will be musical performances by Strypes (reunion), Baby Knockers (reunion), Pig Snout, Bob Hill and the Twang Junkies, Juan Huey-Ray and the Cultural Pursuits Choir, David Richholt, Gary Shelhammer, Ed Perez, and Shelly Devlin. Appearances by Justin and Rob Peterson, James Hume, Mike Mitchell and more.

The evening will be hosted by Leonard Haggarty and a “super top secret celebrity guest.”

In addition to live music, officiated by the mystery guest celebrity, a group of Tacoma artists will create a painting — in the unique Haggarty style — during the course of the evening.

Haggarty was a Tacoma artist, writer and musician who passed away in September. He was a long-time presence in the Tacoma music and art world.

For information on the celebration of Haggarty’s life, visit facebook.com/events/134681223845869.

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