Call for artists at Pierce College Puyallup Gallery


Pierce College Puyallup is entering into the final summer stretch at its art gallery. Gallery Director John T. Smith is searching for interested artists who are looking for solo exhibitions to fill upcoming vacant quarter slots.

Pierce College Gallery Puyallup tries to operate at least one year out on its schedule to juggle all of its events together.

A few notes about the gallery: It is a small to medium space with around 40 feet of wall. Sales are allowed on work exhibited at the gallery. The gallery takes no commission, but you will have to coordinate the sale with an interested buyer. Gallery shows typically run between six to eight weeks. The gallery will supply beverages and light snacks for your reception. It will also provide the graphic design of the show collateral as well as mailings. It can add your mailing list to its own to reach a wider net.

What Pierce College Gallery Puyallup is looking for going forward: art. Whether it is traditional, sculpture, installations (think Spaceworks), the gallery is looking for artists with interesting ideas and artwork to share with the students, staff and public on campus.

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