Subarea planning group holds first official meeting

The subarea plan for the Tideflats has started with the first meeting of the five-government group that will advise the city on crafting new zoning rules for the working waterfront. Photo by Steve Dunkelberger
A panel of five local governments with direct interests in the future of the Tacoma Tideflats met officially for the first time last week to start the process of drafting rules, regulations and visions of what the working waterfront will look like for decades...


Tacoma schools takes victory lap for graduation rate, sets sights on Olympia

Photo by Steve Dunkelberger
Tacoma Public School District officials, teachers and community partners held a short-and-sweet celebration last week to mark the release of its graduation figures. Now the district will focus on lawmakers in Olympia to shore up state funding for schools. So far the district has...

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City Life

New Muses celebrates 10th season with new production of ‘Hamlet’

Niclas Olson, founder and managing artistic director of the New Muses Theater Company plays the lead role in an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” which runs through Jan. 27. New Muses Theater Company
To be or not to be?” is the single most identifiable line from William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.” It is remarkable, however, just how much “Hamlet” is with us, albeit in bits and pieces, in daily life. It only takes a reading...



Tacoma Stars' opponents had better take notice. It's beginning to look like Mike Ramos is finding his scoring groove. On the recent two-game trip into Texas, Ramos put three balls into the back of the net and also added two assists to the mix. Tacoma will host Monterrey on Friday, Jan. 11, at 7:05 p.m. and rival Ontario on Saturday, Jan. 12, at 7:35 p.m. The Stars have nine home matches remaining at the Accesso ShoWarw Center in Kent. Photo by Bob Bunn
Just when everything looked like it was going to turn up rainbows and pots of gold for the Tacoma Stars, the difficulties of the road slapped the club with a big reality check. After two sensational upset road wins against rivals San Diego and...