Homeless camp mapping effort receives heavy traffic

The city unveiled an informational map a month ago that showed the known homeless encampments around the city and the status of removal and clean-up. The site also allowed residents a way to report the sighting of new encampments that spring up on public...


Idea of faster buses to and from downtown worries Dome businesses

Pierce Transit is studying ways to shorten the trip times between Spanaway and downtown Tacoma, a well-used 14.4-mile route on Pacific Avenue that is often clogged with traffic that slow buses. The corridor is currently served by Pierce Transit’s Route 1, which has the highest...

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City Life

Fifth annual Hilltop Street Fair scheduled for Aug. 25

This year marks only the fifth round for Tacoma’s Hilltop Street Fair, but already this summer event happening on the heights that overlook downtown has grown by leaps and bounds and is becoming one of the best attended street fairs in Tacoma. Last year's...



With the finish line in sight, it’s looking like the post-season dreams for the Tacoma Rainiers and their fans are being shifted toward next season. Trailing the division-leading Fresno Grizzlies by 10.5 games in the standings, the chances of making up that ground with...