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Focus turns now to paraeducators, food service workers

The start of school this week after a six-day teachers strike ended last week with the signing of a new contract didn’t end the labor negotiations for Tacoma Public Schools. Next up are salary talks for paraeducators and food service workers, who want their share...


Literacy Council celebrates 50th anniversary

You’ve seen them in your library – two adults sitting side by side by side, workbooks piled in front of them, intent on their study. What are these folks up to in that carrel or study room? Very likely you’ve espied a volunteer teaching...

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City Life

The Lakewood Film, Art and Book Festival

The Lakewood Film, Art and Book (FAB) festival takes place Sept. 28, 29 and 30 (Friday through Sunday). In the past, the event was known as the Asian Film Fest, but for 2018 the event has expanded into a full three-day, action-packed festival, according...


Mariners, Rainiers renew agreements

Last week Tacoma Rainiers President Aaron Artman and Seattle Mariners Director of Player Development Andy McKay announced a four-year extension of their player development contract that will run through the 2022 season. The partnership between Tacoma and Seattle has been in place since 1995, making...