Fireworks gut house, spark community spirit of helping others

The first thing 22-year-old Nicholas Loftin noticed was a mysterious sound of crackling coming from outside his window right as he was about to go to bed on July 2. He then saw flames. “The whole back of the house was on fire,” he said. He...


Pulp mill prepares for expansion on Tideflats

The WestRock pulp and paper mill located in the Tacoma Tideflats has permits in the works to upgrade its chip-screening system that will allow for higher production volumes through a cleaner process than its current equipment. The cleaner equipment, however, could ultimately create more...

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City Life

‘Beauty and the Beast’

You can’t go wrong with Disney. No matter how high you rate on the curmudgeon scale, when you sit down – albeit against your will – to watch a Disney or Pixar movie, you are going to get swept up in the entertainment and...



When we last caught up with the local boys of summer, the Tacoma Rainiers were sitting at 44-40 on the season and hot and heavy on the heels of the first-place Fresno Grizzlies. Despite a successful 4-2 mark over the past week, the Rainiers...